RKN Publishing
Helping To Discover New Authors

There is a saying that everyone has at least one book they could write.  Are you working on the next best seller?  If so, can we help? 

Our aim is to help new authors get their book out into the market place.

RKN Publishing is a small publishing business initially started to help the owner publish her own 'how to' books.  The business has expanded to incorporate a wide genre of books with the main aim to help new authors become published. 

We use our expertise and knowledge to determine the best way to publish and market your book.

If you have an existing manuscript or just an idea RKN Publishing may be able to help you become the next best selling author.

Contact us on the email below for a copy of our submission requirements.


Let's start talking about your project. 


********** BLOGGERS WANTED **********


We are currently looking for good quality and original content bloggers for an investment based blog site.  Articles can include - any type of investment, business or investment/business motivation but please no sales pitches and content must be original.  You must have copyright for any images, graphs etc in your article.  The article must be written in reasonably good English.   A small paragraph can be included at the foot of your article about you, your website or a book you have written together with a link. 

There is no payment for the blog but you will get free exposure for your site or book to an audience of circa 20,000

If your article is accepted you will be notified of the website and date it will be published.

You will be notified by email if your article is not accepted or needs any alterations.

Send your articles to